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As the global economic crisis deepens, desperate people all around the world are raising their voices in peaceful but determined protest. They’re being met with horrifying violence, repression, and brutality.

Over the past few years, the world has been reeling under wave after wave of crisis, each dealing another crushing blow to the global economy. The resulting cost-of-living emergency has had a devastating impact all around the globe – leaving millions unable to afford food, housing, energy, or healthcare.

The human rights implications of the global economic crisis are profound. In Sri Lanka, for example, the number of people living below the poverty line has doubled since 2021 – with thousands on the brink of starvation(1).

Desperate to find a way to support their families, thousands of people across the world have taken to the streets to protest against government inaction on inflation and unemployment.

But as the economic crisis deepens, peaceful protesters in more and more countries are being met with unlawful arrests and horrifying brutality.

Rather than tackle the dire social and economic issues that are driving people to protest, authorities are enacting unjust laws that contravene the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. Or using lethal and unlawful force to consolidate their power and silence critical voices, turning tear gas, water cannons and live ammunition on peaceful protesters with no regard for their safety or even their lives.

As a generous supporter of Amnesty’s work, I’m sure you’ll agree that our right to speak out and demand accountability from our leaders is the most powerful tool we have to protect our rights and our future. We can’t afford to be silenced.


We have the power to make governments change because we are 100% independent.

Amnesty doesn’t accept funding from governments or political organisations so they have zero leverage on what we do.

This financial independence means we are free to campaign with objectivity and impartiality and to defend human rights worldwide.

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible in Australia. Please donate now and help human rights defenders around the world.

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1. Amnesty International, 2023, Sri Lanka: Foregoing meals to make-do: The Impact of Sri Lanka’s economic crisis on maternal nutrition

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