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Your gift can help ensure human rights defenders have access to emergency support when they are facing life-threatening circumstances like:

People from Afghanistan facing unspeakable horrors at the hands of the Taliban. Girls seeking an education. People from ethnic and religious minorities. Human rights defenders, and so many more. We can make a difference by putting pressure on the Australian government to provide safe passage to people fleeing the Taliban. 

Myanmar protesters and the Rohingya people are being targeted by the Myanmar Military. Rogingya women, men and children have fled the horrifying situation in Myanmar where thousands  have been shot and killed while running away from the military. Others have been burned to death inside their homes while traumatised survivors flee into Bangladesh. The victims of the Military are now peaceful protestors, who only want to get their freedom back.

The deadly operations by the military since the 1 February coup magnify the urgency of bringing perpetrators of these crimes against humanity like Military Chief Min Aung Hlaing to justice so we can stop these terrible attacks. 

Mikita Zalatarou, a 16 year old Belarusian student, who was repeatedly beaten when arrested and struck with an electric shock baton. He was held in pre-trial detention for over six months and in solitary confinement. He has now been sentenced to 5 years in prison for attending a peaceful protest. 

The Iuventa, crewed by a group of young, everyday people, who chose to  save refugees lives in the Central Mediterranean. After saving more than 14,000 lives at sea, some of the crew are now facing 20 years in prison.

None of this work is possible without your support to our Global Emergency Fund. Please donate today to help human rights defenders in crisis!


Amnesty International’s Global Emergency Fund is held in reserve to provide life-saving relief to those whose human rights are in danger. It serves to protect human rights defenders under attack including  peaceful protestors, journalists, lawyers, activists and those working with human rights organisations so they can continue their vital work exposing human rights abuses without fear of retribution.

The fund has operated in secret for years, but the spike in attacks on human rights defenders is putting ever-increasing pressure on reserves, and that’s why we’re sharing it with you today.

With your support we can continue this important work. We can continue to provide urgent assistance in critical situations to people courageously challenging injustice around the world. Please donate today! 


Governments are afraid of us because we are 100% independent and unstoppable. For the people, by the people.

Amnesty doesn’t accept funding from governments or political organisations so they have zero leverage on what we do.

This financial independence means we’re free to campaign with objectivity and impartiality and to defend human rights worldwide.

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible in Australia. Please make a donation now and help human rights defenders around the world.

Having trouble donating on our website? Please call our Supporter Care team on 1300 300 920 for assistance. Thank you for your support

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