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zhang zhan - China 
Chinese citizen journalist Zhang Zhan has been sentenced to four years in prison for reporting on COVID-19. She's so malnourished she could die and must be urgently released. 
Free Zhan
Bernardo caal xol - Guatemala
Bernardo stands up for his land and his people - but because he opposed a power plant, he's been thrown in jail without any evidence.
Free Bernardo
Ciham ali - Eritrea
Ciham was just 15 years old when she disappeared while fleeing from Eritrea. Nine years later, she’s still missing.
Demand action to find Ciham
Imoleayo Michael - Nigeria
Computer programmer Imoleayo posted on social media in support of protests against police violence in Nigeria. Armed men raided his home and locked him in an underground cell for 41 days. Now he faces trumped-up charges of 'conspiracy'.
Drop the charges against Imoleayo
Mohamed baker - Egypt
Mohamed is a lawyer who defends some of Egypt’s most marginalised people. He’s been locked up since 2019 in cruel conditions because the authorities don’t agree with his work promoting human rights.
Free Mohamed
Sphere ngo - Ukraine
Sphere have been championing LGBTQIA+ and women's rights since 2006. They have suffered numerous discriminatory attacks, but no one has been held accountable.
Bring Sphere's attackers to justice
Panusaya ‘Rung’ Sithijirawattanakul - Thailand
Rung is detained and facing up to life in prison for speaking out for freedom and democracy in Thailand. Take action now and demand her freedom.
Drop the charges against Rung
Wendy Galarza - Mexico
Wendy has dedicated her life to making Mexico a safer and more compassionate place. When peacefully protesting another woman’s murder, Wendy was shot. Those responsible still haven’t been brought to justice.
Demand justice for Wendy
JANNA JIHAD - Occupied Palestinian Territories
Palestinian teenager Janna is being targeted with death threats because she bravely exposes human rights abuses by the Israeli military.
Demand protection for Janna

Mikita Zalatarou was just 16 years old when the Belarusian authorities arrested and tortured him - despite no evidence he did anything wrong. He’s been sentenced to 5 years in a prison colony.
Call for Mikita's release