Good news! Mamane Kaka was recently released from detention! After his release, he sent this message to Amnesty supporters:

“I want to thank and encourage those who were mobilized for my release. Arbitrary arrests and detentions will not stop us doing our work and keep fighting. I am grateful, thank you!”

We will contine to work with journalists when governments try to silence them because of their work on COVID-19.

Right now, Darvinson Rojas is detained in Venezuela for reporting on COVID-19 cases. Demand his release - take action now.



Niger’s authorities have detained journalist Mamane Kaka Touda for informing the public about a suspected case of COVID-19 infection.

On 5 March, Mamane Kaka Touda published posts on social media about a suspected case of COVID-19 at the Niamey Reference Hospital. The authorities arrested him at his home that same day. They charged him with “disseminating data tending to disturb public order”.

Niger is a landlocked nation in West Africa. The authorities are detaining Mamane Kaka Touda in the Civil Prison of Niamey, the capital of Niger. He is detained in a small cell where his movement is severely restricted.

Mamane desperately needs medical assistance. He is unable to sleep because of pain in his foot from a car accident. 

In uncertain times, we need journalists reporting the truth and holding people in power to account. Together we need to ensure journalists, whistle blowers, activists and human rights defenders can continue their vital work.

Call on Niger’s authorities to immediately release journalist Mamane Kaka Touda.